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Global Inspirations Design is an award-winning boutique interior design consultancy based in Zurich, Switzerland. Founder and interior designer Simone Aïda Baur has a reputation for creating unique spaces that reflect her clients’ personality, culture, and life journey. Her ability to create that ‘Sense of Home’ in private homes and vacation homes worldwide, especially throughout Switzerland and the Caribbean, is a direct result of her own experience of living as an expat across the globe.

This deep intercultural understanding helps her capture her clients’ essence and translate it into beautiful and functional living spaces. Moreover, since becoming vegan, Simone’s mission is to create sophisticated interiors without the use of any animal-derived products. In line with her personal values, she’s committed to finding ethical and sustainable materials that not only look and feel great, but also create a healthy home environment for her clients. Additionally, she's actively raising awareness of the need for vegan materials in the interior design industry with her award-winning blog, Social Media and amongst industry colleagues.